Scrip has become an easy and popular way to help raise funds for our parish.  The concept is quite simple:  parishioners order discounted gift cards through a national Scrip consolidator,  Great Lakes Scrip.  The discounted price ranges anywhere from 2% to 14% off the face value of the card.  The cards are sold to parishioners at face value and the difference is given to the church.  For example, if a parishioner purchases a $100 gift card that provides a 9% discount, the parishioner gets the full value of the $100 gift card and the parish gets $9.  It’s a win-win and an easy way to help generate funds for our parish.

From retailers like Amazon, SuperAmerica, Home Goods, Old Navy and Best Buy, Scrip truly has something for everyone.  And, stores you shop every week are part of our program.  Scrip also makes great gifts for the holidays, graduations, birthdays, etc.

Two Ways to Purchase Scrip
  1. After Mass: Stop by the Scrip table, fill out an order form and prepay for your order. Your Scrip will be available the following week for pickup. 
  2. Online: Simply register and click on the green box on the left that says "Family Sign Up” and follow the instructions. You will need the SKD enrollment code (F491E18521926) to ensure you are linked to SKD. Online orders require payment through PrestoPay.  Instructions are available on the scrip site. 

For more information about Scrip at St. Katharine Drexel, contact Deacon Randy.