Special Followers of Christ

Special Followers of Christ

At St. Katharine Drexel, we believe that ALL are welcome to worship with us and participate in parish events and programs. Through our Special Followers of Christ Ministry, we work to ensure that children and young adults with special needs are provided equal access and opportunity to engage in faith formation, worship and community events.

United by a common mission, we have joined with the Church of Saint Paul, St. Vincent de Paul, Epiphany, St. Patrick’s and St. Stephens to bring this essential ministry to our faith community. Special Followers of Christ offers a variety of social events throughout the year for youth and adults with special needs, their families, and caregivers at area parishes. These free events are designed to connect families in a fun, caring environment and help foster a social network.

The mission of this multi-parish ministry is to:

  • Enable, enhance, and foster the education, spiritual, and social development of those persons with disabilities in our parish communities.
  • Advocate on behalf of persons with disabilities for inclusion and participation in our Catholic parishes and communities.
  • Recognize the human dignity and worth of every human being by providing adaptive sacramental preparation, faith formation, and social opportunities.
To learn more about this ministry and opportunities in our area, please call Troy Bauer or visit the Special Followers of Christ Facebook page.
Special Followers of Christ